Weighing machine

Weighing/Volume Measuring Integrated Machine

It can automatically measure the weight and volume of goods and upload and store them. It can also carry out data calculation and analysis, cooperate with warehouse management system, and realize carton selection, freight calculation, improved storage location selection and shipment planning. It can be used with dynamic weighing scale, multi-faceted bar code scanning, label printing equipment, packing machine and assembly line.

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1. Weighing function

Electronic platform scale is an all-electronic weighing device. It consists of TEDEA series of high precision sensors and A12E display with a single-chip computer. Therefore, its weighing is fast and correct, stable and reliable, and has complete functions. It can separate or connect the display and weighing platform according to user's needs. This product is beautiful in appearance and durable in structure.

Accuracy (Grading Value): 1/3000FS Keyboard: 16 Key Double Waterproof

Strong lateral resistance, IP67 protection level; Main functions: net weight, zero, peeling, cumulative, etc. Protection Measures: Intelligent Discrimination

Surface treatment: Carbon steel is sandblasted and painted. The surface of the balance plate is stainless steel.

Scale frame structure: national standard steel square pipe welded by special fixture group

Accuracy: High precision scale, grade III or above, grade III or IV

Power supply: AC187 ~ 242V; 49 ~ 51Hz; DC6V; 4AH (built-in maintenance-free battery)

Protection grade: IP68 304 stainless steel

Overload range: 125% F.S. Effective overload range: 100% F.S. +2d

2. Automatic Scan Code

With industrial high definition cameras, the speed of hitting the horse is not more than 300 milliseconds faster than that of general PAD. Industrial cameras with high protection level and LED supplementary lights are as high as IP65. Bar code recognition and adaptability are preempted. The accuracy rate is as high as 99.99%. Bar code reading ability is strong. Contamination, wrinkles and partial breakage can also be scanned. Fault tolerance is excellent, and correct barcode can be filtered at one time.

3. Real-time shooting and display

Weight trigger shooting greatly reduces the situation of false trigger shooting errors, and also protects the camera. Through the super-strong software algorithm, we can accurately extract the face number, real-time image, and encrypt and transfer it to the background for storage, convenient traceability, escort for our express delivery, real-time display of weight scanning quantity record scanning data.

4. Automatically upload data

Through automatic search handles, automatic identification of systems requiring return, support for customization of multiple express delivery systems, automatic identification of returned systems, automatic matching of single and bar code serial ports, automatic increase of number of scanned tickets, you can see the number of receipts at a glance.

5. Volume measurement

It can quickly and intuitively display size, weight and size/weight relationship, and calculate freight, which greatly provides logistics efficiency.